Regarding the May 1 Sports article “Pro- and anti-wave forces instigate brouhaha that reaches fever pitch”:

This constant cranky complaining about the wave is baffling. Here are some of the complaints I’ve heard, and my responses to them:

“People standing up is annoying.” So? Fans are always getting up and down to get a hot dog, visit the loo, watch a close play, whatever.

“It distracts from the game.” I have never seen the wave during a tense moment of a game, say, with two men on, two outs, Bryce Harper at the plate with a 2-2 count. Or Gio Gonzalez staring down a batter ahead on a 3-1 count, in a tie game and with a man on third.

“It’s disconnected from the game.” To the contrary. It’s a cheer in unison — exuberant, joint support of the home team.

All the grumpy indignation about the wave is hard to understand. How could such curmudgeons enjoy the game of summer, played by the best practitioners in a sport ripe with tradition? This is an outdoor sporting event, not a cathedral service or murder trial or golf tournament with their supercilious shhhhhs.

I don’t ordinarily do the wave — I’ve got stuff in my lap — but I think I will from now on.

Joe McCain, Alexandria