The May 20 editorial “Virginia endorsements” was uncharacteristically thin in its logical arguments, and it seemed to struggle to present a balanced view of the two Democrats vying for the position of Virginia attorney general.

The Post cited several strong attributes that a “respected, levelheaded” state Sen. Mark R. Herring would bring to an office in desperate need of a restoration of public confidence, yet threw its support to a much less-proven newcomer. For some reason, The Post’s editorial board seemed enamored of Justin Fairfax’s “dynamic” personality and apparent campaign promise to root out “malfeasance in the markets for mortgage and student lending” — while acknowledging the lack of evidence that such problems exist.

A determining factor seemed to be that Fairfax would be “bright enough to make adjustments along the way.” That’s hardly a strong argument for a candidate aspiring to an office in urgent need of steady, mature leadership.

I was shocked by The Post’s failure to present a stronger case for its endorsement in such an important race.

Ed Guryansky, Fairfax