I was disappointed to read the March 19 Metro article “D.C. issues record number of red-light camera tickets” describing the city’s red-light cameras as “achieving more profit than success.” This characterization appears to accept AAA’s regular complaint about the District’s automated traffic enforcement program — that it’s about raising revenue rather than protecting the traveling public. We should never lose sight of the fact that running red lights, speeding, rolling through stop signs, failing to stop for pedestrians and other bad driver behaviors are dangerous.

In 2011, there were nearly 18,000 motor vehicle crashes in the District. Of these, 831 pedestrians were struck and, sadly, 11 were killed. The D.C. government is taking appropriate steps to make our city safer for drivers, pedestrians and cyclists alike, and our leaders should be commended for this. Drivers who wish to avoid being fined should obey the traffic laws.

Jason Broehm, Washington

The writer is chair of the D.C. Pedestrian Advisory Council.