I’m a high school student who reads the Sunday comics regularly and usually enjoys them. But I was very disappointed with the “Classic Peanuts” pick for Nov. 18. In the strip, Lucy is trying her best to relate to Schroeder, treating him as an equal and an individual, and how does he respond? He says, “It’s not proper for a girl to call a boy on the telephone.”

I understand that this was the case in 1965, when the comic was originally published, but this is not the case today. This is not a message you want to send to your young readers, who are likely to take it at face value and to apply it as today’s values and how we treat women. Women are changing the world and have been for all of history.

This strip teaches boys to treat girls badly and teaches women to expect sexism. It makes sexism seem okay, and that is certainly not the case.

Mariah Finkelstein, Washington