Thought experiment: Let’s say an organization representing 38 million Americans ages 50 and above knows that its membership overwhelmingly opposes raising the age of eligibility for Medicare from 65 to 67, a proposal that would reduce federal spending while increasing overall health-care expenditures in the economy and harm many of its members. And let’s say, too, that the organization forcefully opposes raising the Medicare eligibility age.

Would it be more reasonable to assume that this organization is discharging its responsibility to its members? Or would it be more sensible to run a front-page article headlined “AARP lobbies against cuts that may hurt its bottom line” [Dec. 4]? We think the former. Evidently, The Post disagrees.

Eric R. Kingson, Manlius, N.Y.

Nancy Altman, Bethesda

The writers are co-chairs of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition.