Regarding Reed Hundt’s April 5 op-ed column, “Unsporting language”:

Mr. Hundt’s schoolmarm-like expurgatory exhortation for a Federal Communications Commission investigation of broadcaster references to the Washington Redskins misconceived liberal societies and the First Amendment.

The final end of the state is to make men and women free to develop their faculties and be morally accountable for their destinies, not to cram virtue down their throats. A state that cradles its citizens — even for beneficent purposes — will stunt intellectual growth and maturity. The remedy for ill-conceived speech is more speech, not government intimidation. It is one of the glories of America that we permit speech that we hate.

Bruce Fein, Washington

The writer was the Federal Communications Commission’s general counsel from 1983 to 1984.

I know a new name for the Washington football team that already has history and support: The Hogs. It would honor our great offensive line from the 1980s and our recently retired super-fans, the Hogettes. So many of us already have pig snouts to support our team. Wouldn’t it be great to go from being an offensive line to honoring one?

Mary Pilger, Alexandria

Such an excellent piece by Reed Hundt that told its story without the offensive name appearing (except for the photo, The Post’s addition). To follow up on this too-long-lingering problem, can we hope that The Post will ban the name in any column headlines and in the first paragraph of any story (or letters)? Mention of “the Washington football team” seems sufficient.

Marjie Mayer, Arlington