Regarding the Feb. 10 Sports article “The shoe that shook the industry”:

Why are we holding back cutting-edge technology? What good does that do? The creation of the Nike Vaporfly shoes was a game changer. The Next% version of these shoes enhances a runner’s efficiency by 7 to 8 percent, which is an amazing accomplishment for the Nike team and could be the next step for the sport. But no, World Athletics temporarily banned the shoe from use in competition, taking a technological step back in running. Instead of accusing Nike of ruining “the integrity” of running, World Athletics should promote the engineers behind the shoe, which would influence other brands to push the limits with their shoes. 

Nike spent years creating cutting-edge technology, leaving competitors behind, so why does this one shoe change everything? After all, these companies are paying their athletes tremendous amounts of money to win competitions and break records, so shouldn’t they provide them with the best technology available? The world needs to accept the science and advance running to the next level. 

Tucker Stanley, Arlington