I am writing to fiercely defend (I am a Leo, after all) the horoscope column that runs in The Post. Contrary to Carol Covin’s complaint [“Are stars aligned against horoscopes?,” Free for All, March 2] that the Daily Horoscope no longer unlocks new thoughts about her day, my horoscopes are so frighteningly accurate that I find myself reading them to patient friends and family.

On a recent day that I decided to devote to house cleaning, my horoscope said that it was about time I looked around at my environment. On another day, when I decided to make amends to a colleague, my horoscope chided me by saying that any coward can exclude; it takes real courage to include. One more: During a week when I had put off my graduate work yet another day, my horoscope reminded me that there is no gain without pain. Holiday Mathis and The Post: The stars are aligned to say, “Don’t change a thing.”

Karen Craft, Bethesda