Volunteer Kim Kirkland plays with dog "Mr. Salt" at the Best Friends Animal Society shelter in April 2017 in Mission Hills, Calif. (Patrick T. Fallon/For The Washington Post)

In her Feb. 11 letter, “Next stop: A breeder,” Alice Seabright indicated she was fed up with the process to adopt a rescue dog and said she might just go to a breeder and buy one. Don’t do it, Ms. Seabright. Out here in Morgan County, W.Va., we’ve got a lot of great dogs at our Humane Society.

All those highbrows from neighboring counties in Maryland and Virginia bring their unwanted or sick animals out here to dump ’em. We’re a “no-kill” shelter, and we’ve got a lot of great dogs looking for a human. Every animal adopted out is healthy and vetted. So, like Bob Barker used to say on the “The Price Is Right,” come on down.

Paul Murtha, Berkeley Springs, W.Va.