In his Feb. 3 op-ed column, “The price of posturing,” George F. Will took Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (D) to task for divesting city pension funds of stocks belonging to profitable gun companies. Mr. Will was correct, if only by accident. All holders of stocks of gun companies should use their power to change policy by keeping the stocks but passing their vote to a central activist.

Ralph Nader pioneered this idea in the 1960s by asking universities and other stockholders to pass their votes for General Motors in all shareholder decisions to him to advance auto safety. Today, all universities, governments and individuals who recognize our gun crisis can divest their voting rights to a surrogate.

I suggest that everyone stay aboard the gun-profit gravy train but hand their stock votes to Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly. At every opportunity, they and their new organization can end the manufacture of the efficient killing machines that make us fear to enter schools and malls and lead us to foolishly arm our homes.

Jeffrey Levinton, Stony Brook, N.Y.