Regarding the Nov. 11 front-page article “U.S. rejects more visas for Afghan interpreters”:

It is sometimes said that the U.S. military is the only institution left in American society where there is any real sense of honor. Certainly that concept does not exist at the State Department. The shameful refusal to do right by those Afghan nationals who risked their lives to aid U.S. troops is worse than a disgrace. It is a stain — make that a bloodstain — on the name and reputation of the United States, one that will not be washed away.

Susan Altman, Washington

For God’s sake, let these people and their families immigrate to the United States. Unlike some immigrants, they speak English and they speak a language that the intelligence community needs. Therefore, they could find good jobs upon arrival. If the government is monitoring communications in Afghanistan to the degree it appears to be doing in the United States and allied countries, it will need a plethora of translators. What better source than the already-vetted Afghan interpreters hiding out in fear because they helped U.S. troops?

Get with it, NSA, CIA, DIA and the others: Get some help with your mission and help these people at the same time.

C.E. Wray, Charlottesville