Regarding the Jan. 19 front-page article “Intrusive airport scanners to be removed”:

As a frequent traveler, I have long been disturbed by complaints about these machines, long lines at security checkpoints or having to take off one’s shoes. Is it such a big deal that someone sees the outline of your body for a second? More money has to be spent for machines so a that a brief glimpse won’t be seen? I just don’t get it.

I am so grateful for the security systems we have in place that I always thank profusely the Transportation Security Administration workers I encounter. Why doesn’t everyone have the attitude of “do what you need to do to keep me and my fellow passengers safe”?

Sick of having to wait in a line that’s there to ensure your safety? Get over it, as it’s part of travel now. Read a book while you wait.

Meg Edson, Bethesda