Regarding Dominic Basulto’s Jan. 6 Business commentary, “Al Gore, Al-Jazeera and the American audience”:

About two years ago, whoever was masquerading as a news person on whichever network broadcast I happened to be watching at that moment said the words “Charlie Sheen” one time too many. I fled, surfed channels in desperation and stumbled upon Al-Jazeera English. I’ve never left.

By concentrating on and reporting news, Al-Jazeera English provides blissful relief from the info-pap that prevails on our so-called news shows. The reporters seem to be everywhere, including ducking incoming fire in Libya and on the steps of the U.S. Capitol. The televised discussion groups bring diverse viewpoints and informed exchanges — but not once, since I have been watching, has one of the panelists giggled. Or even chuckled.

Mr. Basulto suggested Al-Jazeera has been “locked out of the U.S. cable TV market.” Not where I live. I tune in and I find actual, serious news and analysis 24 hours a day. No Charlie Sheen. No Lindsay Lohan. Oh, what a relief it is.

Shannon Sollinger, Hamilton