President Trump speaks during a meeting at the White House on Thursday. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

The Feb. 12 editorial “Mr. Trump’s fabricated alarmism” suggested that “Americans should see through the president’s continuing efforts to manufacture a sense of crisis.” Americans actually should see through the left’s continuing efforts to manufacture a sense of crisis.

Immigrants, economists, educators, voting rights and women’s health advocates and basically any other group against President Trump continue to herald the end of all that is good and right. They couch their warnings with words such as “could,” “might,” “is feasible,” “has potential to” and the like. Groups raise money via fear-mongering and increase anxiety among those in their echo chambers. 

On any issue, both sides do this with advertisements and mailings, but the rhetoric has become more intense since the election. Yes, the status quo may change, but the reality is that things will not be as dire as journalists and lobbyists are claiming.

Cathy Alifrangis, Herndon