Regarding the Feb. 16 Metro article “New vote planned on river project”:

Alexandria Planning Commission Chairman John Komoroske stated, “What we’re doing is truing up the zoning to match the plan.” Isn’t that backward? It’s also the opposite of what usually happens in Alexandria, where opposition to just about every ill-advised proposal to increase density is silenced with the defense, “What we’re doing is simply following the zoning code, and we cannot change that.”

What do those of us who oppose this plan for the Potomac River waterfront want? The ability to move through our city, on foot or by vehicle, without gridlock or risk to life or limb, to shop in our city after finding a place to park, and to enjoy the waterfront and open space, where they still exist. We want to live peacefully, without constant conflicts that reduce our quality of life.

The solution for gridlock and population stress is not to add more travelers and population.

Kathleen Kust, Alexandria