The Oct. 25 letter by Leslie K. Downey on attracting more millennials to Montgomery County lost sight of some important issues [“Hip, hip, hooray for Montgomery”]. Older adults who choose to “age in place” in homes they have occupied and cared for over decades are vital members of our county. Their careers, experiences, histories and accumulated wisdom enhance our community. While congregate housing is a choice for some elderly people, many others enjoy the familiarity and atmosphere of their neighborhoods and the healthy daily interchange with neighbors of varying ages and backgrounds.

The “Village movement,” of which Chevy Chase at Home is a member, is a national volunteer effort to make it easier for older people to stay in their homes and to continue to contribute to the cultural mix of our neighborhoods. It is great to have young families, but it is a far richer environment if there is diversity of age, heritage, color and more.

I have nothing against millennials; some of my children are among them, and someday, hopefully, they will be “old.” I love the fact that they and their children live around the corner from me. Let’s try to be a welcoming community and county that seeks revitalization by making it easy for a diverse group of people to live in our neighborhoods.  

Nathan Billig, Chevy Chase

The writer is a founding member of Chevy Chase at Home.