The Jan 20 KidsPost article “Evidence is crystal clear: No 2 snowflakes are alike” perpetuated the ridiculous position that no two snowflakes are alike. They are all alike: small and cold. The argument that they are different because the molecules are in different order can be applied to any objects we all know are alike: billiard balls, Ikea furniture, forks.

To claim that no two have been alike in the history of the universe, including all the snow on Earth since the Earth was formed, all the snow on other planets, and even the snow on other solar systems, has no possible empirical basis. In short, it’s one of those canards people like to repeat unthinkingly, with no reasonable definition of “alike” and no data available to support the position. It’s one of the oft-repeated falsehoods we were told in primary school that we are all better off forgetting.

Marc Hoffman, Silver Spring