Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in New York on Oct. 23. (Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

The 38 articles in the Oct. 29 Washington Post Magazine feature "Fix this democracy — now" were interesting and more balanced and diverse than I expected from The Post. I put the magazine aside to reread later.

I laughed out loud at Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's article "Teach critical thinking." What a good idea. He certainly proved his point on the need for more critical and analytic thinking. His conclusion is that critical thinking will lead everyone to think exactly like he and his friends do. Oh my.

I contrast this with the review of Alan Jacobs's "How to Think" in the Wall Street Journal. I think Abdul-Jabbar needs a copy and needs to think a bit more critically.

Linda Lyons, Alexandria

Regarding the Oct. 29 Washington Post Magazine feature "Fix this democracy — now":

Changing congressional traditions that undermine bipartisan cooperation would be a huge step forward. The Hastert rule, for example, limits votes in the House to those that are supported by a majority of the majority party. Let's list all similar rules and expose them to the public.

R. Grant Tate, Chartlottesville