After reading the April 23 front-page article “ ‘I’m not ready to sign up for this yet,’ ” I think Americans have something to say to Lonnie and Celeste Briglia, the couple wrestling with the decision of whether to sign up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP):

We are proud of the Briglias. We are proud of their contribution. They have written a chapter in our history.

We are thankful for the children they raised and their children. We are thankful for their contribution. They have built the future.

We salute their entrepreneurial courage. We admire their resolve. We respect their dignity. The Briglias are the American spirit. We want to help because, like them, we are Americans. This is what we believe.

I encourage the Briglias to enroll in SNAP. And I hope they stand with us, shoulder to shoulder, as Americans.

Anson Asbury, Decatur, Ga.