The May 3 National Digest item “Officers kill alligator involved in fatal attack” reported that “deputies in South Carolina shot and killed an alligator that fatally attacked a woman on Friday.” I am sorry for that woman and all of her friends and family, but there is no convincing argument of due justice being served by those officers of the law. If current global circumstance teaches us anything, it is the peril of presuming our arrogant habitual human hierarchy over all other species here with us.

By precedence alone, the family members of that alligator have been in that area we call Florida many millions of years before any human presumptively set foot on the territory to claim it. Some form of nonlethal accommodation is warranted from both sides of the divide. Take a bite out of crime, and give the first residents their space. Both sides of the divide will reap reward. 

Rocky Semmes, Alexandria