Regarding the July 31 news article “Kerry calls for cooperation in Afghanistan”:

It is disappointing that The Post would quote an unnamed — and clearly uninformed — State Department official claiming that both candidates for president in Afghanistan “promised all kinds of positions, jobs, to their constituents.” It is even more troubling that The Post made no effort to ask our campaign whether the claim was true.

While I cannot speak for the other candidate, the campaign of Ashraf Ghani was quite transparent in saying that it would fill positions in a balanced government based on merit. We promised only one person a position, and we did that very publicly: We said that Ahmad Zia Massoud, himself a vice presidential candidate on another ticket in the first round of voting and a vice president under President Hamid Karzai, would be a welcome addition to a Ghani government.

Secretary of State John F. Kerry wrote an essay last week for Afghan media saying that any new government would need to be consistent with Afghanistan’s constitution and respect the role of the presidency. This is in line with what we promised the people during the campaign. This promise is in the interest of all Afghans and is good for the international community as well.

Hamdullah Mohib, Kabul

The writer is a counselor for Ashraf Ghani’s presidential campaign.