Regarding the Dec. 16 Business story on what The Post called the Myers-Briggs personality “test”:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment, not a test. So, fortunately, no one can “flunk” it. The principles of Myers-Briggs offer a window to understand type and its implications. Its goal is not only to increase self-knowledge and, hence, self-management skills but also to recognize, and even celebrate, the positive contribution of individual differences. 

Over many years as a counselor and consultant, I have used Myers-Briggs, among other helpful tools, with excellent results. But it would be a mistake for anyone to conclude that insights drawn from the assessment can magically eliminate personnel problems, culture-based misunderstandings and work rivalries. As a colleague was fond of saying, “If all we needed was information, we would all be saints.”

Harry J. Hines, Silver Spring