The solution to the Ukraine crisis is not sanctions on Russia, it’s statehood for Ukraine. Let Ukraine apply to be the 51st state (sorry, D.C.).

We have so many commonalities: The Ukrainians hate and fear Russia, and we hate and fear Russia; there are a lot of Ukrainians in Ukraine and there are many Ukrainian-Americans in the United States. We’re practically related. 

Propose this to the Ukrainians, and I bet they’ll jump at the chance to be Americans — to have the National Security Agency watch their every move, to stuff themselves at Thanksgiving and to welcome nuclear weapons back onto their soil. In exchange, we’ll get a European vacation spot, military bases right next to Russia and bragging rights about solving a difficult foreign policy problem. Take that, Vladimir Putin!

Then, any time the Russian president tries to annex another chunk of a neighboring country, we should just ask the folks there if they want to become Americans and, bingo, move in the nukes and No Child Left Behind.

C.E. Wray, Charlottesville