Regarding Jordan Sekulow’s June 25 Under God item in Metro, “NBC’s selective patriotism at the U.S. Open”: Sekulow believes that the Pledge of Allegiance is “under attack” and offers a “wake-up call” to those of us who were unaware of this threat. As evidence, he cited the recent omission of the phrase “under God” during a Pledge of Allegiance montage on NBC, the alleged failure of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to include the phrase a few months ago on the Senate floor and repeated attacks on the Pledge “in the courts.”  

To bolster his case, Mr. Sekulow asserted that the “entire Pledge has been proudly passed from generation to generation.” His clear implication is that the Pledge has been passed on intact and never modified. That is false.  

In fact, the Pledge has been modified four times since it was created. The most recent change was in 1954, when the words “under God” were added during the height of the anti-communist, McCarthy era.  

Lorraine Coffey, Silver Spring