I don’t understand how readers can claim “bias” — in the implied sense of unfair to the Republican Party — based on The Post endorsing primarily Democratic over GOP candidates [Free for All, Nov. 10].

Imagine you lived in a fictional country with two parties (and only two!): One is the party of Very Good Ideas, and one the party of Very Bad Ideas. Would The Post be obliged to endorse 50 percent of each to be fair and unbiased?

Bias is cherry-picking facts and stories that represent your view and never reporting on those that contradict it. It has been known to happen in some (ahem) TV channels with a declared mission to “unskew” the news. You could even argue that The Post is biased, if you showed the newspaper or Web site doing that. But not based on candidate endorsements.

James Falcone, Reston

Do the critics think that The Post is biased because it does not endorse an equal number of Democrats and Republicans? If the Post endorses the most capable candidates, it should not be a surprise that a large majority are Democrats.

Andrew M. Findlay, Alexandria