University of Virginia students Josh Pritchett, left, and Amelia Wald take part in a discussion of Russian literature with Lance Elliott, center left, and Joseph Mitchell at the Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center in Richmond in April. (Timothy C. Wright/For the Washington Post)

The July 6 front-page article “Tolstoy behind bars: Life meets Russian lit” brought tears to my eyes while I was having my morning cup of coffee. The story of University of Virginia student Josh Pritchett was very emotional, a story of personal redemption and the willingness of helping others to find redemption no matter what the circumstances are. Who would ever dream that some beautiful excerpts from Russian literature would help some young inmates, would move them almost to tears and would make them dream of a brighter, better future?

There is good in every human being, and Pritchett is using his hard and difficult past to help himself and others. Reading an uplifting article such as this one, when there is nothing but sad news in the world, makes me hope for the future.

Vanna Moore, Springfield