I have conflicting emotions about The Post’s Oct. 29 front-page article “Where anger at Obama runs deep.” On one hand, as a resident of Washington surrounded by liberal-leaning urban neighbors and political inside baseball, I deeply appreciated hearing the stories of residents of economically distressed rural areas who have sent tea party Republicans to Congress, causing showdowns over the “fiscal cliff,” government shutdown and debt ceiling.

On the other hand, I was struck by The Post’s apparent failure to follow up on interviewees’ non-specific, blanket criticisms of President Obama. Which Dodd-Frank regulations, specifically, forced local banks to scale back lending? What specific administration policies has Obama used to “kill the economy”? And who is this pair of lawyers going around the rural South scaring small-business owners with a PowerPoint presentation about the health-care law?

Did the writer mention to the man losing his insurance, who cannot afford the premiums through the new health-care exchanges, that Georgia refused federal funds to expand Medicaid to people like him? Failing to do such basic follow-up only perpetuates the media misinformation that keeps people such as those in Rome, Ga., voting against their interests.

Zack Shaeffer, Washington