Ann Coulter’s remarks as reported in the Oct. 30 Style article “The Entertainer” were particularly insensitive, even by the rock-bottom standards of today’s talk radio. 

Ms. Coulter’s prescription for reducing the number of candidates in the current Virginia election campaigns was a flippant call for “strategic hunting accidents, airplane crashes.” Richard D. Obenshain, the father of the present Republican candidate for Virginia attorney general, Mark Obenshain, was killed in a plane crash while campaigning as the Republican candidate for U.S. senator on Aug. 2, 1978. He had defeated John Warner for that role at the state Republican convention. Left without a candidate, the party turned to the runner-up, Mr. Warner, and that led to his 30-year career in the Senate.

While I doubt that Ms. Coulter was aware of this, her rhetorical advocacy of culling the field by mortal accident is beyond the pale. She should apologize to Mr. Obenshain and to the American public. 

Terence Davies, Leesburg