Regarding the Dec. 27 Metro article “Trolley wedding service halts over gay marriage”:

Why in the world would two people who are about to celebrate their marriage — surely one of the more joyful events of their lives — want to use a vendor who is unhappy about providing a service that they are paying for?

I married my partner of nearly 23 years almost three years ago. It was a simple ceremony and celebration, but my spouse and I wanted to be surrounded only by those who supported the step we were taking. The officiant was a former U.S. District Court judge for whom I had worked and for whom I had great respect. It was a double wedding ceremony; the other couple were dear friends of ours with whom we wished to share our joy. The food and beverages we purchased were obtained from people who also supported the steps we were taking.

What couple (same-sex or otherwise) would want to hire the owner of Discover Annapolis Tours when he opposes a basic human right that has been granted by the legislature and the citizens of Maryland? Let him provide any service he wishes to whomever he wishes. Let us members of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community take our money and spend it obtaining services from people who are open-minded and who care enough about us to wish to share our joy.

Dennis A. Dinkel, Washington