Regarding The Post’s series of articles on the operation of the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue [“Homes for the taking,” front page, Sept. 8-10]:

In 2011, my husband and I were informed that we hadn’t paid our most recent tax bill. We had proof that we had paid and, when the tax office discovered its mistake, requested a statement acknowledging that fact. We received a one-sentence letter, saying that the tax bill had been paid and there was a zero balance.

This April, we received a letter saying that we owed money for our 2012 taxes but the office was applying the overage from 2011 to that bill. What overage? How does a zero balance result in a credit? And, for that matter, what tax bill? We sent a copy of our canceled check showing payment in full of our 2012 taxes. We have yet to hear from anyone regarding this mess.

We are heading into 2014 with many misgivings.

Carol Randolph Jasmine, Washington

Leading up to the due date for property tax payments in the District, my several attempts to pay using the Office of Tax and Revenue’s “eCheck” electronic payment system failed. My e-mails about the problem to the office’s “contact us” address went unanswered. I waited 45 minutes to speak to a customer service representative at the office’s customer-contact telephone number. And the representative told me that the office was aware that the eCheck system was not working properly.

Anyone who pays taxes to the District deserves explanations of this failure and of the office’s conduct.

David Kaminsky, Silver Spring