Check your answers to George Will’s Baseball Quiz against the ones below.

(1) Question: Which two players hold the record for the most seasons (23) played for the same team? Answer: Brooks Robinson (Orioles) and Carl Yastrzemski (Red Sox).

(2) Question: Who hit 48 home runs beginning June 1, but only 51 in the season? Answer: Ralph Kiner.

(3) Question: Which two managers had six 100-win seasons? Answer: Bobby Cox and Joe McCarthy.

(4) Question: Who played the most regular-season games without ever playing a postseason game? Answer: Ernie Banks (2,528).

(5) Question: Who has the best winning percentage among 300-win pitchers? Answer: Lefty Grove.

(6) Question: Who had a 79-15 record over three years? Answer: Lefty Grove.

(7) Question: Who was the player -- and in what year -- who led his league in home runs and RBIs, started every game of the World Series, and never crossed the Mississippi? Answer: Larry Doby in 1954, the year after the St. Louis Browns moved to Baltimore and the year before the Philadelphia Athletics moved to Kansas City.

(8) Question: Since Tris Speaker did it in 1912, who is the only player with 50 doubles and 50 stolen bases in a season? Answer: Craig Biggio.

(9) Question: Which 10 Hall of Famers never played in the minor leagues? Answer: Al Kaline, Sandy Koufax, Dave Winfield, Mel Ott, Bob Feller, Catfish Hunter, Eppa Rixey, Eddie Plank, Frankie Frisch, Ted Lyons.

(10) Question: Who is the only catcher to lead a league in batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage in the same season? Answer: Joe Mauer (2009).

(11) Question: When the strike stopped the 1994 season on Aug. 11, what team had the best record? And what was Tony Gwynn’s batting average? Answer: The Montreal Expos, 74-40. Gwynn’s average was .394.

(12) Question: In 1955, the year they won their only championship in Brooklyn, what was the Dodgers’ average regular-season attendance? Answer: 13,423.

(13) Question: What two players share the record for most hits in a month? Answer: Ty Cobb (July 1922) and Tris Speaker (July 1923), 67.

(14) Question: From 2000 through 2009, Roy Halladay pitched the most shutouts, 14. Who led the 1970s with 44? Answer: Jim Palmer.

(15) Question: What pitcher won World Series games in three decades? Answer: Jim Palmer (1966, 1970, 1971, 1983).

(16) Question: Who won a batting title during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s? Answer: George Brett (1976, 1980, 1990).

(17) Question: Who was the youngest pitcher to win a Cy Young award? Answer: Dwight Gooden was 20 years and 324 days old when the 1985 season ended.

(18) Question: What two-time MVP and Hall of Famer won league fielding titles as a shortstop and center fielder? Answer: Robin Yount.

(19) Question: Since 1900, what two pitchers won at least 20 games in 13 seasons? Answer: Christy Mathewson and Warren Spahn.

(20) Question: Who is the only pitcher to have 20-win seasons with both the Yankees and the Mets? Answer: David Cone.

(21) Question: Who is the only pitcher to have 2,000 strikeouts with two different teams? Answer: Randy Johnson (Mariners and Diamondbacks).

(22) Question: Who had at least 200 hits and 100 walks in four consecutive seasons? Answer: Wade Boggs, 1986-1989.

(23) Question: Whom did the Reds intentionally walk five times in a 1990 game? Answer: The Cubs’ Andre Dawson in a 16-inning game.

(24) Question: Who is the only pitcher to twice pitch a complete game in a World Series seventh game? Answer: Bob Gibson (1964 and 1967).

(25) Question: Who twice got 10 or more hits in a World Series, with different teams? Answer: Paul Molitor with the Brewers in 1982 and the Blue Jays in 1993.

(26) Question: What Hall of Famer got his 3,000th hit off a Hall of Famer? Answer: Dave Winfield off Dennis Eckersley.

(27) Question: The Yankees’ Bobby Richardson set a World Series record with 12 RBIs in the 1960 World Series. How many RBIs did he have during the regular season? Answer: 26.

(28) Question: What player, whose number 44 is retired by two teams, hit 44 home runs in four different seasons? Answer: Henry Aaron.

(29) Question: What six pitchers had 3,000 strikeouts before (or without ever) allowing 1,000 walks? Answer: Ferguson Jenkins, Pedro Martinez, Greg Maddux, Curt Schilling, John Smoltz, Roger Clemens.

(30) Question: What team has won its last nine World Series games? Answer: The Reds.

(31) Question: Why was Roger Maris neverintentionally walked in 1961 en route to 61 home runs? Answer: Mickey Mantle batted behind him.