Gun control advocates march toward the Capitol on Aug. 4. (Clarence Williams/The Washington Post)

I usually find Glenn Kessler’s Fact Checker columns quite helpful, but I disagree with the conclusion he drew in his Aug. 11 column, “Clinton goes too far in claiming ban led to ‘big drop’ in mass-shooting deaths,” a fact check of former president Bill Clinton’s statement regarding mass-shooting deaths and the assault weapons ban.

What is most important here is that even though there are many ways of evaluating the data, no matter how you do that, the result is the same. When there is a ban on assault weapons, there are fewer deaths from mass shootings. This finding is consistent in all the analyses presented. Whether the decrease in deaths is large or small is insignificant. I would bet that the families of any of the victims murdered in mass shootings would agree. I would give Mr. Clinton a pass on this one and put the Pinocchios to better use.

Paul Weiner, Bethesda

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