Regarding the Oct. 6 Metro article “Parents navigate the dress code debate”:

It’s sad to think that current generations of teen (and tween) girls have so thoroughly absorbed our culture’s attitudes about sexuality and clothing — created by the advertising and entertainment industries — that they have turned the entire notion of feminism on its head.

For countless centuries, one way men have controlled women was through choice of clothing, which in the West often means revealing, sexy or “feminine” clothing that pleases men. For high school girls to believe that they are demonstrating ideals of female empowerment by choosing to wear this kind of clothing in school shows how little they understand the dynamics between men and women, the use of sex to sell products and ideas, and the echo chamber of social media.

And why should they understand? Parents and administrators, with decades more life experience, get why showing off your body in school (where it surely does create interest and a “distraction”) is a poor choice and not a demonstration of female power. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Eric Wenocur, Olney