In their Feb. 11 letter, “A path to more affordable housing options,” Judith Collins and Chitra Kumar of Arlington said they were “heartened” by the prospect of eliminating single-family zoning in Arlington as a means of increasing density here so “we can preserve forests, farmland and waterways in other areas of the Chesapeake watershed.”

Why should Arlington continue to destroy its tree canopy; ignore its own Chesapeake watershed connections; further jam overcrowded schools; overtax sewer systems; add more heat islands, poor air quality and congested streets; and increase taxes so that people outside Arlington can have a more peaceful, environmentally sound life? To save on driving, we have the Silver Line and plans for more service on the Virginia Railway Express corridor, all environmentally sound commute options that can respect green space and mature tree canopies throughout Virginia. Additionally, Adrian Higgins’s Feb. 12 article, “A native plant guru’s radical vision for the American yard,” explains the value of permeable land in all communities.

Margie Bell, Arlington