Christian Dorsey at a Metro board meeting in January 2016. (Astrid Riecken/For The Washington Post)

How can Arlington County Board Chair Christian Dorsey (D) claim the need for tax increases when there has been a glut of new development for nearly a decade and more is on the way [“Arlington weighs cuts despite Amazon news,” Metro, Jan. 4]? The County Board keeps allowing new development even though commercial vacancy rates remain high. Because Arlington has chosen to tax commercial properties on the basis of occupancy instead of market value, as it does residential property, homeowners have to pay more property taxes than owners of empty multimillion-dollar office buildings. 

More than 224,000 people work in Arlington and, even without Amazon and its eventual additional 25,000 workers, the county government’s poor management and wasteful spending are the only reasons the county has a $70 million budget shortfall.

Keith Fred, Arlington