The May 20 Metro article “D.C. falls from atop best-parks list; Arlington at No. 4” commended Arlington County for its fourth-place ranking among 100 U.S. cities. This ranking by the Trust for Public Lands relies heavily on active recreational amenities but does not include other essential valuations for open space and natural areas.

Arlington gets and deserves high marks for its park facilities and programming; however, it ranked 38th in park acreage. The county’s own 2016 citizen survey showed that natural areas and hiking trails were overwhelmingly needed and favored for future investment.

The Arlington County Civic Federation recently passed a resolution asking that more money be dedicated to the purchase of parkland for open space and natural areas. Despite this, Arlington’s capital budgets and spending for land acquisitions have been scarce. Numerous county master-plan components recommend parkland acquisitions as a priority. Arlington, as a true “world-class” place, has the opportunity to substantially improve its acreage ranking above 38th.

Mary Glass, Arlington