We should have learned by now. Two multiple-murder tragedies in one week, in Oregon and Connecticut, have been followed by hand-wringing calls for gun control. It’s time to blame inanimate objects again.

“Locking down” a school, “gun-free zones” and unarmed school “security officers” are pointless. And the police take several minutes — at best — to respond to an emergency at a school. Only one thing will work when dealing with a homicidal maniac: a rapid response by an armed citizen.

In the absence of armed school guards, the nearest adult citizen in a school is a teacher, staffer or administrator.

It is not an accident that so many mass murders occur in “gun-free zones,” such as schools and shopping malls. These places would be better described as “killer-protective zones.” As long as school personnel aren’t armed, children will be vulnerable.

Douglas J. Allan, Potomac