Arthur Chu’s critics [“Is this any way to win ‘Jeopardy’?,” front page, Feb. 28] are being somewhat unfair. I have been an avid fan of “Jeopardy!” since its debut. The essence of success in this game is the knowledge required to give the correct response and the agility to press the signal button first. It also depends to a large extent on how daringly or cunningly one bets on Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy, as well as the discipline needed not to blurt out a wrong response when one does not really know.

On all these counts, Mr. Chu does well indeed. How he hunts for Daily Doubles is irrelevant. That he knew the answers to these clues is the key. Like Ken Jennings (who was spectacularly good at all of these), I do not fault Mr. Chu on any account. I wish only that he would smile more often.

Venkataraman Krishnaswamy, Alexandria