Supporters of statehood for the District at a rally on the West lawn of the U.S. Capitol in April 2009. (Richard A. Lipski/The Washington Post)

Thank you for the Oct. 21 editorial on the need for statehood for the District of Columbia [“The District vote is about more than statehood”]. As it has become clear that Advisory Referendum B is a vote on whether the people of Washington want liberty and the full right to self-government enjoyed by other U.S. citizens, D.C. voters should come out and overwhelmingly endorse statehood.

However, I would like to challenge the editorial board’s conclusion that there are interim steps we can take short of statehood.  

Our nonvoting delegate is a colonial position that reflects representation for American colonies. I hope the editorial board realizes that anything less than full statehood means we are still a colony and not equal citizens with other Americans. Only statehood would make us full U.S. citizens with the right to self-government, a right D.C. residents have fought and died for to protect for other Americans.

After 215 years, it is time that all Americans, and their representatives in Congress, agree that this is untenable and that the residential and commercial areas of what is now the District of Columbia, a place that is home to more than 680,000 Americans, must be admitted as the 51st state.

Ann Loikow, Washington