The Nov. 18 Travel article “The road ahead,” quoted Lon Anderson of AAA Mid-Atlantic as saying, “Rest stops to the traveling public are a very valuable commodity.” So true.

One of the purposes of rest areas is to offer a place for tired drivers to pull over and rest. Who hasn’t pulled into a rest area and taken a nap in the shade of big old trees? But, alas, the designers of the rest areas have cut down all those wonderful old trees, so you can’t take a short nap in your car (try sleeping under the summer sun). I’ve seen this lack of trees in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and other states.

What do state-employed planners have against trees, or travelers taking naps, for that matter? They build huge, expensive buildings but create not a spot of shade for the weary traveler. Seems to me that we could save a lot of state money by hiring people with common sense, not master’s degrees in landscape architecture, to design rest areas.

Don Doggendorf, Alexandria