Regarding the Aug. 29 news article “Yosemite tourists alerted to virus”:

After my visit to Yosemite National Park in July, I am not surprised that a rodent-borne virus has plagued it. Curry Village was squalid; it is a family favorite because it is the only affordable place to stay within the park.

At Glacier Point, on which thousands of tourists converge, there were “out of order” signs posted on the majority of the pit toilets — one assumes because of extreme filth. It had only a single, hard-to-find spigot for hand-washing, despite the fact that food was served and there were picnic tables.

The shuttle buses provided by the park were a fraction of what was needed to accommodate the guests, but the signage to various sites was so inadequate that one could not easily walk.

My final view of the park’s Yosemite Valley section was of its main restroom, which was so disgustingly dirty that I snapped a photo to send to the park superintendent. I left disappointed, and I felt sure that it would be only a matter of time before a crisis hit.

Martha Shimkin, Alexandria