Regarding the Dec. 2 front-page article “Mitt’s life post-election? It’s no roller coaster.”:

Just a month ago, Mitt Romney was the man with the plan, a plan to balance the budget within eight years and increase military spending without raising marginal tax rates.

As the “fiscal cliff” approaches and debt negotiations stall, I would think that political leaders of all stripes would be knocking on Mr. Romney’s door.

We beseech you, Mr. Romney! If you truly have the secret to restoring the nation’s fiscal health, you should be the man of the moment. Now is the time to stop hanging around the house and get involved. Isn’t it?

Michael Glass, Valparaiso, Ind.

Washington has about as much chance of solving the fiscal cliff crisis as the Washington Wizards have of beating the world champion Miami Heat.

Wait, what’s that? Oh, well, then, go, Washington, solve that crisis!

Carl Briggs, Charlottesville