“Ugh!” was my response after seeing the front page of the July 6 Sports section, with the graphic headline “Bad Bryce” used to describe Nationals player Bryce Harper’s 0-for-18 slump.

Every hitter, even great ones, go through slumps, especially after coming off the disabled list, as Harper did. But what made the headline truly offensive was the news reported inside the Sports section the very same day: Harper spent more than an hour prior to a game with 13-year-old Gavin Rupp, who is dying from brain cancer [“Harper meets with teen who is fighting cancer”]. The article said that the Nationals’ community relations coordinator had never seen anything like it.

Harper carried the day before ever getting on the field. In more ways than one, his maturity belies his young age of 20. The only bad action was on the part of The Post’s Sports staff.

Stacey Gurian-Sherman, Takoma Park