Chris Cillizza correctly crowned President Obama with having the Worst Week in Washington [Outlook, Nov. 17], but the cause cited by Cillizza was cloudy: “for riding without a seatbelt on an analogy train to nowhere.” Animus-activating analogies aren’t the problem.

Given the contrast between the very real promises Obama made and the Obamacare being delivered, a coveted Worst Week prize should have been awarded “for wantonly misleading the American people about the most significant policy change brought by your administration.”

Paul Jacob, Woodbridge

I’ve been told that, to make a project succeed, one has to think positively. If I think my project will fail, it will. I have experienced this.

So, I am more than annoyed by the numerous articles and columns The Post has published on the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Its costs, how it could fail, how the president’s “legacy” could be ruined because of it. Keep up the negative fomenting and the predictable could just happen.

If this health-care plan fails, a blathering media, harping on the negatives, and Republicans, who are so concerned with being the majority in Congress that they will distort and dismember any Democratic project to further their political purposes, will be to blame. Not the software designers, not President Obama, not the Democrats. The losers will be those who most need insurance but can’t afford it under the present system.

Rosemary Luckett, Manassas