Regarding the Nov. 17 editorial “Bahrain unleashed”:

The Obama administration’s position toward Bahrain has not “reversed” since 2011 but rather reflects realities in my country. In recent years, Bahrain has implemented many major reforms, prioritizing human rights grievances by making changes to the security apparatus. An ombudsman’s office was recently established, and it has already begun to investigate complaints of misconduct by the Interior Ministry. It will also be monitoring prison and detention centers to ensure that they meet international standards.  

Bahrain continuously seeks to strengthen its ties with the United States to secure the stability of our volatile region. Thirty percent of the world’s oil is produced in this region; if these strategic installations were ever threatened, the ramifications would be global. The correlation between this and Bahrain’s path to reform is irrelevant.

The editorial failed to mention the proliferation of extremists who employ guerrilla tactics to violently disrupt life in Bahrain. It is irresponsible to blur the line between those who exercise their right to express themselves peacefully and those who resort to violent incitement and provocative tactics, especially in a country that is striving for reform and reconciliation.

Salman H. AlJalahma, Isa Town, Bahrain

The writer is the media attaché in Bahrain’s Information Affairs Authority.