Kevin O’Holleran’s Dec. 2 op-ed, on how Virginia Sen. Mark Herring (D-Loudoun) won the attorney general’s race while calling for common-sense gun-safety measures, was excellent. Please note, though, that while O’Holleran used the phrase “gun safety” no fewer than six times, the headline on the piece was “Winning on gun control.”

Using the phrase “gun control” plays right into the National Rifle Association’s appeal to the paranoia of its members. No one is trying to “control” guns. But tens of millions of Americans do want sensible safety measures (background checks, closing gun-show loopholes) to protect all of us from the slaughter of innocent citizens.

Arlie Schardt, Annapolis

The Dec. 1 editorial “No ditching fossil fuels, yet” stated: “The fossil-fuel business is not like the firearms industry or apartheid in South Africa, objects of divestment movements in the past. The immediate abolition of those evils was worth seeking.”

Seriously? The firearms industry is “evil”?

Dominick Chelli, Alexandria