Regarding the Jan. 12 front-page article “How would Sanders alter foreign policy as president?”:

It is less important how Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a candidate for the Democratic nomination for president, would “alter foreign policy as president” than how his call for a “political revolution” would rip apart the fabric of American society.

Can we please be honest about the politics of Mr. Sanders? He is a democratic socialist. For those of you whose (wholesome) interest in governance is solely in ridding us of President Trump and Trumpism, please read World Population Review’s “Democratic Socialist Countries 2020” report. Democratic socialism (vs. social democracy) advocates a “collectively” owned or controlled economy with a “democratic” political system. Both concepts are antithetical to our system of government, i.e., to individual rights guaranteed by the Constitution. Our rights are those of an individual, not a cookie-cutter person. What rights we have surrendered to government have been divided between two governments, each with limited powers and both charged with protecting our rights. The Constitution ensures that neither the federal nor state governments are a monarchy or a democracy, both threats to individual rights. Mr. Sanders knows exactly what his “worldview” would mean for us. He hides it behind offering cost-free remedies and pacifism except when he says we need a “political revolution.” Only then is he being honest.

John Conradis, Chevy Chase