In his March 5 PostPartisan blog excerpt, “Post-election sour grapes” [op-ed], Jonathan Capehart cynically suggested that Ann Romney’s admission during an interview that she shed tears over her husband’s election loss and found it “very hard” was because she, according to previous reporting in The Post, “believed up until the end that ascending to the White House was their destiny.” Mr. Capehart concluded that Ms. Romney needs to quit the waterworks and move on.

As a parent and concerned citizen, I spent every day of last year’s presidential election listening closely to the candidates’ words and judging their motivations because of my own deep-seated concern that we are jeopardizing our children’s future by failing to address runaway and unsustainable entitlement spending and by not showing principled leadership at home and abroad. I believe that, far from mourning the loss of position, Ms. Romney’s continued tears, like my own, are for our country.

Susan Posey, McLean