(Rick McKee/Cagle Cartoons)

I was outraged that The Post included, as among the better editorial cartoons in the nation in the Jan. 16 Drawing Board that week, the cartoon by Rick McKee of the Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle. The cartoon portrayed someone saying, “The thought of all that free money for the rest of my life is so appealing . . . I’m gonna vote for Bernie Sanders!”

Political cartoons should hit hard but be based on truth.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), a Democratic candidate for president, has not promised free money to anyone; he is arguing for democratic socialism, including nationalized health care and free college tuition. He stands for helping the middle class catch up to where it had been, and, most important, he wants to help the working class.

Are these purposes so outrageous? Are they “free money”? I think they are valid reasons for reasonable people to consider voting for him. Should such people be ridiculed? Should Sanders be ridiculed by falsehood?

Claude Kacser, Rockville