Regarding the Dec. 28 editorial “A million-dollar slap”:

As a resident of Chevy Chase, I was happy to learn of the “slap” given to Pepco by Maryland’s Public Service Commission. Still, I would rather have read that Pepco spent $1 million to help the unemployed in our region by hiring more line workers.  

My neighborhood was without power last winter for four nights, with no “slap” compensation for us. Today, after making the latest of multiple calls asking Pepco to remove a pole that broke more than two years ago and to repair two street lights that have not worked for more than a year, my neighbors and I are assured — again — that our issues will be addressed within two weeks (or was that two years?).    

It is frustrating for us to hear the continuous radio announcements trumpeting “Tom Graham, regional VP, is on the case trimming trees” when we have not been able to get safety issues addressed in our neighborhood for so long. Maybe Pepco should use that public-relations money for hiring the unemployed to address poor customer-service issues as well.

Michael R. Marsh, Chevy Chase